Association of Alkaline Ionized Water Apparatus
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Name : Association of Alkaline Ionized Water Apparatus
Established : September 1992
Location : Office of the Association of Alkaline Ionized Water Apparatus (in the Functional Water Foundation)
Japan Antibiotics Research Association Building, 1F
2-20-8 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 142-0021 JAPAN

Tel.: 03-5435-8509; Fax: 03-5435-8522
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Representative Managing Companies Nihon Trim Co., Ltd.
Vice Managing Companies Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.
Corona Industries Ltd.
Living Technology Co., Ltd.
OSG Corp.
Executive Board Representative Managing Companies
Management Board
Promotes the business plans and operational management of the Association of Alkaline Ionized Water Apparatus.
Ethics Board
Establishes the industry’s ethics codes, patrols the market, and promotes thorough understanding of related laws and regulations, etc.
Technical Committee
Promotes scientific investigation, physiological research, and the framing of guidelines regarding practical use of alkaline ionized water.
Public Relations Committee
Conducts PR for alkaline ionized water, collects various information related to alkaline ionized water, publishes industry magazines, and creates our web site.
General Affairs Bureau
Performs liaison work with related groups and organizations, handles questions from or consults with consumers, and manages our web site.