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Announcement of publication of “A Comprehensive Guide to Denkaisui”

With the viewpoint that the organization and diffusion of accurate knowledge concerning electrolytic water such as acidic electrolytic water, alkaline ionized water, etc. is essential for its future development, the Scientific Selection Committee of the Functional Water Foundation published “A Comprehensive Guide to Denkaisui” (“denkaisui” means “electrolytic water”) in November 2001.
The guide consists of an introduction (overview of the various kinds of electrolytic water), detail sections (describing the science, technology, and societal aspects of each kind of electrolytic water), guidelines, etc. and was assembled with the aim of making electrolytic water simple to understand for researchers, manufacturers, sales companies, users, and the general public.
The Association of Alkaline Ionized Water Apparatus also endorsed the purpose for which “A Comprehensive Guide to Denkaisui” was created and cooperated fully in its editing, actively exchanging various types of information and making information publicly available. The publication of this guide is the first step in the consolidation of a baseline for electrolytic water based on current scientific proof, and it is the hope of this foundation that people will read it as fundamental information for alkaline ionized water apparatus and tell us your opinions and desires.
For more information, please refer to the web site of the Functional Water Foundation.

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Water Research Council
Medical Society for Functional Water
Japan Society for Oral Functional Water
Kansai Water Research Council
Strong Electrolyzed Water Association
Alkaline Ionizer Review Committee
Association of Alkaline Ionized Water Apparatus
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Introducing the Alkaline Ionized Water Handbook

The Alkaline Ionized Water Handbook, a brief summary of information regarding alkaline ionized water, has been published by the Functional Water Foundation.
This handbook explains about alkaline ionized water in an easy-to-understand format using figures, etc. so that the general public can become familiar with alkaline ionized water from the basis of its effectiveness, which was reconfirmed by the Alkaline Ionizer Review Committee composed of specialists from university medical departments, etc.
For more information, please refer to the Functional Water Foundation web site.

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