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Fluffy rice with great taste!
Alkaline ionized water is absorbed by rice faster, and so less time is needed to soak the rice. In addition, the rice turns out fluffy and full of taste.
Taste evaluation of rice cooked with alkaline ionized water (compared to rice cooked with tap water)
The secret of its good tasteā€¦
When rice is prepared with alkaline ionized water (pH9), the carbohydrate particles that constitute the entire rice grain are not easily damaged, and so rice becomes stickier and more tasteful.
When rice is cooked
Observation of the internal structure of a cooked rice grain through an electron microscope (5000X)
Alkaline ionized water (pH9) Purified water (pH7)
The surfaces of the carbohydrate particles start to dissolve, but since the edges remain, they are highly viscoelastic and give good firmness. The surfaces of the carbohydrate particles have completely dissolved, resulting in round edges and a soft texture.