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Make vegetables vibrant colors.
When vegetables are boiled in alkaline ionized water, the colors of green vegetables, etc. become vibrant even without adding salt.
In addition, according to an experiment using spinach, it was observed that compared to using purified water, more than twice the amount of vitamin C was present after boiling. It will also produce outstanding results in preparing salads, etc.
While 12.0mg is present in purified water, 28.9mg is present in alkaline ionized water.
Plus, when vegetables are heated, they become softer!!
When Japanese white radish is heated in dye solution and the depth to which the pigment penetrated is examined:
Depth of penetration (mm)
Purified water
Alkaline ionized water
20 min. after heat was turned off
120 min. after heat was turned off
From the results above, it can be inferred that vegetables heated with alkaline ionized water would be softer than those heated with purified water, since the pigments penetrated further in the first case.
The reason vegetables soften after cooking is because pectin, the cell wall carbohydrates, disintegrate and become water soluble. There is more water-soluble pectin present in vegetables cooked with alkaline ionized water than in those cooked with purified water.